Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj posted a tweet on Sunday (July 9) that left no ambiguity about her feelings towards ITVX’s series, “Deep Fake Neighbor Wars.” The artist’s response was sparked by an episode that featured a computer-generated version of her alongside Tom Holland and Mark Zuckerberg.

Expressing her displeasure about the digital doppelgänger, she wrote on Twitter: “HELP!!! What in the AI shapeshifting cloning conspiracy theory is this?!?!! I hope the whole internet [gets] deleted!!!” Minaj exclaimed, reacting to a clip of her AI counterpart from the show.

The series is a parody of New Zealand’s erstwhile popular reality show “Neighbors at War.” The creators use artificial intelligence and visual technology to forge sketches featuring the faces of well-known personalities. However, the musician’s reaction suggests she didn’t grant consent for the use of her likeness, adding fuel to the ongoing debate around digital rights and celebrity image usage.

While decrying the unwelcome AI surprise, Minaj also hinted at exciting news for her fans. Speculations of a collaboration with Drake have been circulating over the past few days.

During a recent stop of his “It’s All A Blur Tour” in Detroit, Drizzy alluded to the artist being on his upcoming project aptly titled For All The Dogs. He stated, “I’m gonna give away one thing for you tonight because I got a lot of love for Detroit. So I’m gonna have to tell you that me and Nicki Minaj did our first song together in, like, a really long time. I got a lot of love for her.”

Minaj responded to Drake’s comments by sharing a throwback picture of them together on social media, accompanied by the hashtag “#Dricki.”

Nicki Minaj has been relatively active on Twitter this year. Earlier this month, she subtly shaded Elon Musk after users had their reading limit capped on July 1. The rapper wrote, “Planning out how I’ll use my 600 [reading] limit today to promote the #PinkTape, mush the Barbz in they head, block [and] beat the duds while dissing them [and] cracking up laughing at my own jokes.”