In June, fans were treated to “Robberies,” another single from Grandson that further stirred anticipation for the upcoming album. Both “Robberies” and “Heartless” underscore the tragic loss of Von, a Chicago rapper whose meteoric rise was cut short in 2020.

The forthcoming release of Grandson serves as a testament to Von’s enduring legacy, and “Heartless” is a prime example of his unique artistry. It’s a potent mixture of classic Von — intense, aggressive, and emotionally charged — indicating that fans will not be disappointed. The sound doesn’t stray far from the electric energy that supporters of Von came to love during his short yet impactful run.

As we inch closer to the album’s release, Von’s unmistakable voice continues to echo, reminding fans of his indelible mark in the music world. Listen to King Von’s latest posthumous offering, “Heartless,” featuring Detroit’s own Tee Grizzley below.

With anticipation mounting for the arrival of King Von’s posthumous album, Grandson, fans are excited to see how his second body of work will honor the late rapper’s legacy. A promising glimpse into the album arrived in the form of “Heartless,” a collaboration with Tee Grizzley, demonstrating a delicate balance of Von’s signature styles — aggressive yet mournful, harsh yet evocative.

The track delves deep into the grittier aspects of street life, underlined with haunting production. The mellow track is punctuated by high-pitched keys and dynamic tones from the two aggressive wordsmiths.

Matching Von’s intense energy with his concise and potent verse, Tee Grizzley performs commendably. Even as he preserves the track’s core intensity, his diversified flow gives “Heartless” an extra edge. This track may align with Von’s classic catalog, but it also stands as a testament to his unique talent that continues to shine even posthumously. This is yet another installment between the “First Day Out” rapper and OTF affiliates.