Known for working on Kendrick Lamar‘s “Die Hard,” singer-songwriter Blxst continues to propel to stardom with his latest release. On Tuesday (July 11), the Los Angeles-based artist graced fans with a deeply reflective single, “child of GOD.”

The new record finds the musician partnering with West Coast rapper Remble for an unexpected but fascinating pairing. The two artists prove to be a compelling duo with their distinct sounds harmonizing to create a song that alternates between poignant introspection and lyrical dynamism.

The track kicks off with the 2021 XXL Freshman laying down a catchy chorus before delving into a contemplative verse. “And I done seen it all above. The hate, the love, the fake handshakes, the genuine hugs. It is what it is, yeah, was what it was. I done really lost friends, that’s what success does,” he croons.

Elsewhere, Remble raps, “Praise the Lord ’til I lose my voice. Fail to plan and you lose by choice. I let go of the wheel and let him choose my course. Blessings hit me in my face like a two-by-four. We know when they free Smokey, he gon’ rule by force.”

Speaking with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, the “Chosen” hitmaker shared insights about their collaborative effort. “Remble, for example, the dichotomy between him and me, it’s just like good and evil. People love to see those things meshed together. And even on ‘child of GOD,’ that was the constant theme in the song, seeing the good, no matter what evil you’re surrounded by,” the singer explained.

The collaboration comes after a string of high-profile projects for Blxst in 2023, including his appearance on Labo4oe’s “Tada” and the release of his Just For Clarity 2 EP. The latter showcased a quartet of the musician’s fresh tracks for R&B enthusiasts, such as the Roddy Ricch-assisted “Passionate,” “Keep Calling” featuring Larry June, and the Mustard-produced “Ghetto Cinderella” alongside Terrace Martin.